Made with Quality, Comfort and a good night sleep in mind!

The Pacific Sleeper Train 2000 is a one-of-a-kind, top quality, royal class passenger seat for railway industry.  With seamless movements the PSM 2000 moves from day position to a fully flat bed with only the slightest pressure to the control panel on the armrest. If you would like to test this seat in its natural environment, take a trip with Vy’s nightrain, Bergensbanen between Oslo and Bergen.   

The standard PST 2000 is delivered with ACV220 outlets and DCV5, 2A USB charger, serving tray integrated in armrest, neckrest cushions and integrated legrest. Seatback, seatpan and leg rest are connected to each other by a refined electrical power assisted mechanism uniquely designed for the seat. Pod seat is delivered with USB and adjustable LED light with remote control integrated in the armrest to adjust seat angle and to operate the light. All electrical connections are “Plug and play”. 

LCD Screen with a complete entertainment system can be delivered as an optional add-on. All seats can be connected to a main switch where you by the turn of one switch move all seats back to day position when passengers have left the vessel. Safety belt is also an optional add-on.  

Tailored to fit your requirements

This seat has literally almost all you can wish for in the standard edition of this passenger seat. If you still would like more functions take a look at available add-ons below.


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LCD screen with a complete entertainment system

Safety belt

Software for operating all seats by the use of one main switch

Technical Specifications


Seat width539 mm
Depth uprised1130 mm
Depth reclined2006 mm
Floor to seat408 mm
Height1246 mm
Recline90 degrees


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