Our factory

Our factory is located in Norway at EKNES, less than 8 miles north of Bergen. Our factor is 60 000 square feet and divided into several smaller to medium sized departments.

Cutting Department

Once we receive the fabric and leather from subsuppliers, we do quality control and prepare for the relaxation of the materials and leathers. Our cutting department starts cutting as per the production schedule, from one single seat cover cut by hand, to several hundred cuts with a cutting machine.

Sewing Department

All seat covers are produced in-house with a high focus on detail and accuracy. We have several types of sewing machines and all department employees are skilled workers able to operate them all which makes the department highly efficient and resilient.

Machine park

We have a medium-sized machine park with punching machines for the processing parts, both for punching reforming and tapping parts.

Production of support structure

Support structures are produced in-house by dedicated and loyal employees with solid experience and knowledge of both our business and the discipline of production.

Framing Department

Our framing structure are made out of aluminium profiles designed by EKNES. The profiles are produces especially for us and requires complex tooling for processing. This processing is done inhouse at EKNES. Our experience with these profiles is very good and in the case of an accident we know that these framing structures provides very low stress onto passengers and thereby increases passenger safety. This has been proven through extensive testing followed by certification approval according to HSC Code 2000, Design level 1 and 2 specified for collision acceleration/gcoll up to 12g.

Welding Department

We do minimal welding on our products, but we still have a small welding department with skilled certified personnel able to perform both TIG and MIG welding.

Cabel production

EKNES seat are becoming more and more complex, the Pacific Sleeper seats especially requires complex cables. In 2022 we therefore decided to invest in a top modern machine park for cabel production. The equipment purchased for cabel production is the latest edition in this line of work. Instead of purchasing cabels we decided it better to produce them ourselves which also is an important step towards our constant focus on improving leadtime.

Assembly production

Final assembly and quality control are performed by our employees before the seats are packed and shipped off to our valuable customers. EKNES seats are Norwegian Passenger Seats Made in Norway.

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