Brian Thomson, Managing Director at Isle of Man Steam Packet company and Steve Thurlow (l.h.), Consultant Incat/Maatsuyker

Shippax Conference May 2024

Thank you to all our loyal and new customers as well as friends for visiting us at our stand at the Shippax Conference 2024. In the picture above we had the pleasure of seating Brian Thomson from Isle of Man Steam Packet and Steve Thurlow (r.s), Consultant at Incat/Maatsuyker. Isle of Man Steam Packet installed the Pacific Sleeper Marine 2000N in their Manxman Ferry in 2023. See pictures from inside the Manxman directly below.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Jack and Sean Lourie, third generation from Incat while joining the Shippax Conference this year. In the picture below they are seated in our Pacific Sleeper seats.  At EKNES we have a long and valuable business relationship with Incat through three generations.  This year we are supplying 2192 seat to Incat’s impressive zero emission ship the world’s largest lightweight battery electric ferry with a capacity to carry more than 2000 passengers and 225 vehicles. The vessel have been ordered by Buquebus a South American company and long time customer of EKNES as well as Incat.

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Jack Lourie, Business Analyst at Incat and his brother Sean Lourie, both third generation from Incat together with Ralph Axelson, Owner & CEO of Nordic HSC.

Staffan Stenfelt, Stena RoRo testing our Pacific Sleeper Marine 2000N.

Staffan Stenfelt, General Manager Newbuilding at Stena RoRo together with Morten Holm our Director Global Sales & Marketing. EKNES have a long and valuable business relationship with Stena. We are very pleased to meet Staffan Stenfelt in person and happy he enjoyed testing our PSM 2000N.

From the left we also had the pleasure of having our friends Mathias Schmidt from Hamann, Niclas Karlsson and Frida Larsson from Loipart spending time visiting us at our stand at the conference. We highly appreciated also having Interior Architect Camilla C. Horn visiting to check out the latest updates from EKNES and prioritizing time for a good talk.

It was wonderful meeting you all, looking forward to working with you all on current and future projects.


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