Freestanding tables and tables on beam

Produced according to customer specification. 

If in need of tables, we can provide tables as per customer specifications. We produce the pillars inhouse and tabletops are produced at local subsupplier. We can offer singular free standing tables and tables on beams.  

Tailored to fit your requirements

We can produce tables as per customer specification. Standard tabletops are Formica except other specified by customer. Formica have many colours to choose from: Commercial Interiors | Formica Group. The freestanding tables can be supplied with mountable pillar foots or trumpet foot. For information on available add-ons take a closer look directly below.


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Cup holder (cut)

Cup holder (indent)

Foot: Pillar

Foot: Trumpet

Shape: Circular

Shape: Oval

Shape: Rectangular

Shape: Square

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Select add-ons that would be of interest

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