Made with Quality, Comfort and a good night sleep in mind!

The Pacific Sleeper 1000 is the latest edition to the Pacific Sleeper passenger seats. This is a unique top quality single seat recliner with a tablet holder and coat hook in the seatback. The tablet holder is perfect for placing your phone or tablet while watching your favourite program.

The Pacific Sleeper 1000 has a high back, perfect for any passenger either tall or short. The seat can recline up to 56 degree angle.  While reclining, the seat tilts upwards providing a comfortable relaxing seating position. The design provides a feeling of privacy and support for the neck while resting. For available add-ons take a closer look below for more information on how to tailor your seat.

Tailored to fit your requirements

The Pacific Sleeper 1000 has the tablet holder and coathook integrated in the standard seat.  Directly below is a complete overview of all available add-ons.


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Integrated table in armrest


Magazine pocket


Technical Specifications


Seat width519 mm
Depth uprised813 mm
Depth reclined(standard)1054 mm
Depth reclined(extended)1249 mm
Floor to seat457 mm
Height1301 mm
Reclining (standard)41 degrees
Reclining (extended)56 degrees


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