Georg Eknes Industrier AS

Eknes Transit Passenger Seats

for a safe and pleasant journey on ships and fast ferries



Solheim Designere AS

Industrial designers Elsa & Nordahl Solheim MNID and
Kristian Solheim MNIL are the designers of Transit
Marine Seats. Starting with Transit Yacht 300 in 1980
through to Transit Comfort and Transit Premier Sleeper.
A period of more than 42 years and two
generations, with new models currently being

Transit Marine Seats have been
acclaimed internationally for their
design, and are appraised
by the Norwegian
Design Counsil.

Pharos Design AB

Pharos Design has been designing and marketing seats for Georg Eknes Industrier for many years, starting in the -90th with the Hispek series, designed mainly for the train industry. The work have continued with Business and First Class Seats for the marine and train passenger transportation. The latest project is marketed under the name of “Pacific Sleeper”.

“Enlightened and having a view from high above, looking into the future with a holistic sight and being a partner for guiding and navigating through rocky and stormy waters of the development process”.


Profile: Lasse Pettersson Industrial Designer MSD

I am a passionate designer and this profession has given me a great opportunity taking part in development of the most interesting projects, mainly in the transportation field. I started at Volvo Cars, very young, where I by the time became responsible for the interior design. In the very end of the eighties I started, together with some partners, Nya Perspektiv Design where projects like the new Stockholm Metro were designed among a lot of others. This company was acquired by Epsilon in 2001 and became Epsilon Perspective Design where I continued as CEO for five years, never stopping to work actively as designer with a variety of projects.

In 2005 I was asked to manage, as program leader, the Master education in Transportation Design at the Institute of Design at the University of Umeå. I was running this education as a half time work for not loosing the contact with the “real world” and the rest of my time was spent as a partner in Lighthaus Industrial Design. In the fall of 2010 I retired from Lighthaus and am now running Pharos Design, only working with projects that are giving me personal satisfaction and are close to my interests. I have a great interest for the sea and boat life. I am spending most of my spare time on the west coast of Sweden in my cottage at the sea front, or out boating. I never miss the “lobster premier” in September trying to catch “the black gold” of the sea.



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